Weekly review of important news in the financial industry, valuable articles about online marketing and compliance updates:

Financial News and Market Commentary

  • How to Determine Tax Filing Status – Good Financial Cents explains the 5 different tax filing statuses.  Understanding which status you fall under is an important part of preparing your taxes correctly… read more
  • Minnesota Advisor Charged in $47M Currency Scam – The Securities and Exchange Commission alleges that Jason Bo-Alan Beckman of Plymouth, Minn., raised at least $47.3 million from 143 investors and, with his wife Hollie, used much of the money to fund an “extravagant lifestyle” that included…read more

Marketing and Selling Tips

  • Use Social Media to Increase Referrals – When investigating a new doctor, a car mechanic or a financial advisor, searchers rely heavily on the opinions of their peers and client feedback.  They utilize reviews to decide whether or not the product or service is worth the cost, their time, and most importantly, their trust…read more

Social Media and SEO

  • Why Financial Advisor SEO Is All About Local – Many financial advisors are realizing the power of web marketing to grow their business.  That’s why, when it comes to financial advisor SEO, striving to be on page one for the broad search term “financial advisor” isn’t the best strategy…read more
  • The Future is Now For Financial Advisors – One compelling fact that says it all is that Facebook now gets more traffic than Google. That means Facebook gets more eyeballs and ears than the number one search engine on the web. It’s no wonder that Google has concluded that “Social is the new search” and is now integrating results shared by you and YOUR NETWORK…read more

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Written by Alex Wingert
Alex has worked at Advisor Websites for 5 years, and has had the opportunity to wear a couple of different hats. He's worked in the Marketing department, Sales department, Customer Success, and is currently the VP of Product and Culture at Advisor Websites.