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Free Template: Website Referral Letter

9th March 2010

I thought it would be of great value to share with you a template for a website referral letter I have seen used by financial advisors in the past, resulting in highly positive feedback.

You may want to use this letter if you’ve never done any official communication since the launch of you new website and might also want to repeat this process whenever you update  your site with key content. These are just great opportunities to make meaningful contact with your clients.

Here are some tips:

  • Each book of clients will be different so you will have to assess on your end whether you want to do a traditional mail out, an email campaign or a combination of both.
  • If using a physical mail out letter, make sure you personally sign each letter.
  • You will likely want to tweak the content of the template to match your unique situation.
  • You will likely get better results with a follow up phone call after you send out your communication. You can follow up to see if they had an opportunity to check out your website and to see if there is anyone they can think of introducing you to.

Here is the sample letter:


I am writing you today to introduce my newly established web-site, www.mywebsite.com. Please take a moment to look it over because I know you will find many valuable calculator tools and many current articles pertaining to market and fund performance that will help you stay informed. As well you will now be able to access your own investment account to see how your portfolio is performing.

You will also notice a window called “Tell a Friend.” CLIENT FIRST  NAME,there’s something I want to run by you. It’s been my experience that about 20% of my clients like to introduce me to friends, family, and colleagues without me even having to bring it up. They just really like to do that because they enjoyed the experience of working with me.

Another 20% or so don’t like to make introductions like this. I guess they’re just very private people who don’t feel comfortable with this sort of thing.

And about 60% of my clients would be willing to introduce me to others, but only if I bring it up and discuss what it might look like. I’m just wondering, in what category do you see yourself?

The “Tell a Friend” link allows you to introduce me to family, friends and colleagues in a simple, efficient and unobtrusive way. It’s really your way of saying “thanks MY NAME” and is in my opinion the ultimate compliment to me.
Please take the time to consider this and help me grow my practice. I thank you for your loyalty and I am thankful that someone once took the time to make your introduction.

Your name

Please let me know if you find this article useful, get any results, have questions or have other techniques that you do not mind sharing.

Please Note: this article is for informational purposes only. We strongly encourage you to verify any content and information you use with your own compliance department or legal counsel.

Bart Wisniowski is the CEO and co-founder of AdvisorWebsites.com where he manages a variety of products and services specifically focused on developing and utilizing effective websites for professionals in the financial services industry. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®).

  • http://www.robertfrantz.wfadv.com Robert Frantz

    Well worded and I believe I can use this as I go about remaking my practice and image. Recently went through a partnership split after 15 plus years of building the original group.

    Further comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

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