Kirsten Ulveland

We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast series! In the AW Podcast, we will be talking all things digital marketing, website design, writing tips, and more.

In our first episode, we interview Digital Marketer Kirsten Ulveland, who has been writing a blog series interviewing women in the financial services industry.

Connect with Kirsten Ulveland here:

LinkedIn: Kirsten Ulveland Twitter: @KirstenUlveland

Podcast Notes:

0:30 – Intro
1:10 – Kirsten Introduction
1:35 – Best Blogs to Read for Financial Advisors in 2017
2:31 – Sophia Bera
3:12 – Spotlight on Women in the Financial Services Industry
3:40 – Kirsten’s shout out to leaders that inspires her
4:40 – Common difficulties that women face in Financial Services
6:20 – Sneak peak for what’s next to come

Mentioned Links:

Sophia Bera:

Best Blogs to Read for Financial Advisors in 2017:

Here are some of the interviews Kirsten has published:

Amy Hubble:

Shannah Compton Game:

Brittney Castro:

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