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Create a 100% complete LinkedIn profile

17th June 2010

Last week, we introduced a new series of LinkedIn how-to videos. Today’s video will show you how having your profile 100% complete can ensure people find you easily when googling your name.

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See below for full video transcript:

A LinkedIn profile is the first step in controlling your identity online. What do people find when googling your name? Try it now. If you are on LinkedIn, you can control one of the top result people will find.

By filling out a LinkedIn profile, you provide an authoritative resource on your career. A complete profile communicates your professional brand and lets other LinkedIn members connect, communicate and collaborate with you. A 100% complete profile includes a photo, an executive summary and skill set, education, 3 recent positions and 3 recommendations from your connections.

To get started, just click edit profile!

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Loic is the Sales and Marketing Director at Advisor Websites where he is responsible for continuous refinement, testing, and execution of the company’s go to market strategy. This includes optimizing the company’s sales approach (direct sales, partner based, web-based, etc.) and its implementation. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®).