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Follow Friday! 10 Influential Financial Professionals on Twitter

1st April 2011

Several times a month, we list 10 accounts we think are worth following on Twitter. These influential users will range in focus from leading financial magazines and top advisors, to social media gurus.

All were chosen for their smart informative posts that bring you the latest news on the financial world, as well as how you can better promote and market yourself as a financial services professional.

This Week’s Top 10

  • @KBKSpeaks – Multigenerational Wealth Consulting and Speaking, Special Interest in Women, Wealth Psychology, and the Human Side of Money Matters.
  • @Iam_Canadian – Good Husband, Busy and Proud Dad, Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP), Personal Finance, Winnipeg, Canada, Movies, Books, Music, Plan Well. Live Better.
  • @AbundanceBound – Financial Education & Wealth Building – Provided with lots of love for the creative soul!
  • @AXA_AdvisorsLLC – A growing network of approx. 6,000 professionals connecting consumers & businesses with financial services & products to address their financial futures.
  • @wealthvisor – Helping consumers find, research and connect with local financial advisors, insurance agents, tax preparers, accountants, estate planners and bankers
  • @NAPFA – NAPFA is the leading association of fee-only financial advisors.
  • @DonMartinCFP – 30 year finance career. MBA. CFP®. Independent Investment Advice. Creative, contrarian. NAPFA, FPA member. My tweets are educational only; they are not advice.
  • @nathangehring – Family, food and financial advice drive my life. I hope to have a profound, positive impact on people’s lives.
  • @StephSammons – Founder of @wiredadvisor, a turn-key social media marketing and blogging platform for financial advisors. Snowboarder. Hiker. Entrepreneur. Angel investor.
  • @LaurenYoung – I don’t ask a lot of questions. I demand a lot of answers. I’m the personal finance editor at ThomsonReuters. Any views expressed are my own.

Happy Friday!  If you would like to make a suggestion for a future Follow Friday post, please contact me at alex@advisorwebsites.com, or put a comment below.

Past FF’s

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Alex Wingert

Alex Wingert

Alex has worked at Advisor Websites for 5 years, and has had the opportunity to wear a couple of different hats. He's worked in the Marketing department, Sales department, and is currently the Customer Success Manager and Director of Culture at Advisor Websites. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our customer experience, and ensuring Advisor Websites is an awesome place to work.