Social Media Friday is when we provide you with some interesting and relevant social media news from recent time.  Enjoy!

  • 10 Ways to Make Email Marketing Work for You – A recent study shows that close to half (49%) of consumers share content online at least once a week, with the majority being shared via email (86%). Email sharing even beat out Facebook (49%) and Twitter (4%). By marketing your content via email, you tap into a great opportunity to create valuable content that your recipients will want to share.  How?
  • Google Analytics 102 – is time around, I would like to focus on how you can use some of these analytics tools to track the common paths prospects/visitors take through your website, and to identify the most effective combination and sequence of content that leads to a conversion. Also known as a “buyer’s journey,” by tracing the steps past prospects have taken through your site from first visit to point-of-purchase, you will know which paths should be lit for future prospects to follow, and where to position the right content along those paths to lead them in the direction you want them to go (i.e a call-to-action or contact page.)
  • In Social Media, Your Return Represents Your Investment – Sometimes the path of least resistance unwinds into a far more complicated and arduous journey than we anticipated. In times of change, taking the path less traveled, although initially daunting, proves easier and far more rewarding in the long run. Such is true for social media.
  • The Tweet Effect: How Twitter Affects Rankings – The advent of social media has brought a host of changes to the SEO industry, and online marketing as a whole. You would be hard-pressed to find a business with a decent online presence that does not have a Twitter account connected to their website, and at least one way to find that account.

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Written by Alex Wingert
Alex has worked at Advisor Websites for 5 years, and has had the opportunity to wear a couple of different hats. He's worked in the Marketing department, Sales department, Customer Success, and is currently the VP of Product and Culture at Advisor Websites.