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A Symbiotic Relationship with Your Organization’s Website

Social media provides an excellent jumping point into an organization’s website. Conversely, it also provides visitors a personal view into your organization. For example, relevant content, promotions or blog posts can build rapport and establish your organization as a thought leader. Existing clients who are happy with your services will also share or like your organization, providing a valuable feedback mechanism that signals to others that they should check your organization out. As your organization posts more content or is talked about more frequently on social media sites, its search engine ranking increases as more traffic is linked to your site, increasing the visibility of your organization’s website.

Integration: A Simple Process

Understanding this symbiotic relationship, website developer Advisor Websites has made integration easy. All it takes is a simple copy and paste of the social media site’s URL into the input fields located in the Marketing dashboard and your website will be linked, increasing its search engine ranking and exposure of your organization’s website and business.


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