Stock Photos for Financial Advisors – Updated Often

We know how much of a pain it can be to find free, high-quality stock photos for your website. Finding free stock photos for financial advisors is hard in general. You will be searching, clicking and being forced to input email or fill other forms for access. It’s a drain on time and annoying. We want advisor workflows to be easier.

So what to do? Well, simple: we built a resource page loaded with stock photos for financial advisors.  It’s free to use. And designed to set you up for image choosing success. Who doesn’t like the sounds of that?

More pictures will be added every week, so be sure to bookmark this page for greatest ease of use.

(These are free to use under the CC 1.0 License).


Winter is here and snow is in the air.

Family and Pineapples!

The secret to happiness, and financial security!


Head out on vacation with this tropical edition of weekly stock photos!

Mountains and Valleys

Jaw-dropping views of cliffs and canyons!


This week we have an eclectic mix of beautiful photos. From tractors to owls, this album is diverse!

Flowers and plants

In this week’s edition, we took a focus on flowers and plants. Symbolize financial growth and stability with these stock images.

Warm colors

Fewer warm colors in this edition of the weekly stock photos. More of a diverse mix!


Emphasis on sunsets in this album. Some of the skylines in these pictures are fantastic. The Empire State Building one is really mind-boggling – green in a sunset!


We’ve gone with a very summery theme. Lots of beach and sunset photos mixed in with warm colors that symbolize happiness and bliss.

Bright and Warm

It’s the second day of summer! We are featuring photos that represent warmth and brightness. Don’t worry, we popped a few mountain pictures in there too!


In our inaugural post, we are featuring 18 photos that could be used to emphasis financial freedom. Space, beauty, relaxation and security.

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