How to get started

We have a very effective, streamlined and efficient sign up process in place. Below you will find a high level overview of what happens when an advisor signs up for a website with us.

Sign up

  • Choose a plan and sign up for account
  • Client is assigned an account manager and a production meeting is scheduled


  • An account manager has initial website production meeting with the client to review goals, objectives, answer any questions, go through examples. (Typically 45 minutes. A client can have more than one production meeting at no additional costs depending on their needs) The website production meeting typically happens within 2-7 days of sign up depending on client’s preference and availability.
  • Check in calls and meetings are placed with the client every 10 days until the website is up and running.
  • Dashboard training is also provided to the advisor during the sign up process


  • Most sites are produced between 2 – 6 weeks depending on the client’s participation, availability, and providing of any necessary materials.
  • In some instances we will work either with the advisors assistant or a 3rd party designer that they have chosen if they are working on a custom design.
  • Ongoing support is available throughout the production process and beyond as long as the advisor is a client of Advisor Websites.