Webvisor: The Financial Advisors Guide to the Internet

Advisor Websites on ipadThis comprehensive and concise guidebook was written specifically for the financial services professionals and is filled with valuable resources, examples and case studies.

Having a web presence is a validation of your business, much like the business card or brochure was a decade ago.

This 17 pages chapter of Webvisor includes the following:

  • Are You Invisible to Your Market?
  • The Internet’s Influence on Purchasing Behavior
  • A Web Presence = Trust, Credibility
  • A Blueprint for Getting Web-Wired
  • A Case Study in Web Success
  • You Need to Get Your Name Out in Front, But Watch Your Back
  • Know Where You’re Going, or You May End Up Somewhere Else
  • Monitoring and Measuring is Key to Web Success
  • And an overview of what you’ll find in the rest of this book

Download the First Chapter Now

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