Redtail CRM, Mobile Assistant & Advisor Websites bring you an action packed webinar with 6 ideas you can implement today!

Tuesday, 11:00am to 12:00pm PST



Redtail CRM, Mobile Assistant & Advisor Websites bring you an action packed webinar focused on getting more value out of technology, attracting new clients and streamlining your operations.

Each company will present 1-2 great ideas or quick wins you can implement in your practice this year and take your business to the next level.

We will provide all the critical answers you are looking for including:
• How can we generate more traffic and sales leads through our website?
• Whats the best way to manage my clients?
• How can I leverage mobile technology to get more done in less time?
• and much more!!!

Who should attend?

  • Reps or their marketing/administrative staff.

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Introductions (3 Minutes)

Redtail Techlonogy (13 Minutes)

• Ultilizing a CRM in your practice
• Streamline your follow up and workflow
• Going Mobile with your CRM

Mobile Assistant (13 Minutes)

  • What is mobile dictation?  
  • How to streamline your client meeting note taking process.
  • Not all voice-to-text solutions are the same.  What makes Mobile Assistant superior?
  • Templates – how they are used with Mobile Assistant to increase client meeting note compliance.

AdvisorWebsites (13 Minutes) 

• Intro/Oveview
• Idea 1: Targeted Marketing on your website: how to effectively utilize a lead generation call to action using a simple web form and how to target it to your ideal prospect! 
• Idea 2: go mobile, just how important is it and how easy it can be..

Streamlining your efforts (5 minutes)

• Integration sample

Q&A & Next Steps (12 Minutes)

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