*Replay* SEO For Financial Advisors

*Replay* SEO for Financial Advisors

Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization

On our June 29th Advisors Ask webinar, we chatted about SEO for Financial Advisors. We were so happy to share our tips for local search and thankful for the influx of questions we received! Watch the replay below and use the time schedule so that you can skip to the parts you need. Always here to help.

In this jam-packed educational webinar, Robbie Davies and Fiona Leung, both discuss the best SEO practices for advisors.

Watch this replay and learn:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • What is SEO (00:58)
  • 3 areas of focus for SEO (01:40)
  • Laying out SEO benefits and warnings (02:40)
  • How to set expectations as a financial advisor (06:29)
  • Where can I find SEO tools on my website? (11:49)
  • What do you mean by local SEO? (16:02)
  • How Google does local (17:10)
  • The 3 steps to local SEO (19:17)
  • The 4 ways financial advisors can affordably do SEO (26:05)
  • Duplicate content (33:25)
  • Top ranking factors for SEO (35:13)
  • How a small financial company can improve their SEO for free (36:25)
  • Live Q&A (37:20)

Watch our replay below