*Replay* Solutions for the Modern Advisor with Advicent Solutions

*Replay* Solutions for the Modern Advisor with Advicent Solutions

With Dave Kirkeby from Advicent Solutions, we show you solutions for the modern advisor. First talking about how to compete and incorporate aspects of robo-technology, we dive into the components of a great website. We then teach you the four important solutions you should add to your website, so that you can streamline your website and make a bigger impact. Dave then shares how you can integrate with Advicent Solutions’ lead generation tools.

Here is a time stamp schedule of the webinar replay:

Advisor Websites
  • 2:16 ‘Your website is a hub’ concept
  • 4:00 Staying active alongside robo technology
  • 4:51 Three ways to keep your website modern and updated
  • 12:29 Checklist for 4 important modern solutions
Advicent Solutions
  • 16:25 Advicent Solutions’ company background
  • 19:04 Lead generation tool – an interactive online assessment
  • 20:17 Advisor Briefcase software and new Client Portal technology
How Advisor Websites and Advicent Solutions Work Together to Help You [Case Studies] – 21:36

Watch our replay below