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Sample Biography – 4 Free Templates for Financial Advisors

24th April 2015

sample biographies for financial advisors

Free Financial Advisor Biographies

Working on financial advisor biographies is plenty challenging. These pieces of content are hard to write. Creating compelling biography copy truly is harder than it sounds, especially for web. It is tricky to write about ‘yourself.’ Most people we meet struggle with it.

So what to do?

Well, a while back, we posted an article on how to write an effective biography for your financial website. This article received tremendous feedback from our clients. Many of them happily applied the suggestions to their own financial website biography. In light of this response and the obvious need for more guidance in this area, we thought it would be helpful to share with you some free sample biographies for financial advisors.

So here they are: four biography templates we put together for sharing. These are free to use for all. They are tailored to be easily personalized with your name, designations, title, experience, etc… Again, these are totally free to use.

There are also some great insights at the bottom of this page in the comment section.

If you decide to use one of the free financial biographies, we would love to hear from you. You can share your website with us on twitter and our team will let you know what they think of your biography.

Conversely, we welcome a quick ‘thanks!’ in the comment section below to keep the discussion going with any of your own suggestions. We are sure there are some advisors out there who may be having a difficult time creating financial biography content for their website and will appreciate it.

Get the FREE biographies for financial advisors



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Please Note: this article is for informational purposes only. We strongly encourage you to verify any content and information you use with your own compliance department or legal counsel.

Loic is the Sales and Marketing Director at Advisor Websites where he is responsible for continuous refinement, testing, and execution of the company’s go to market strategy. This includes optimizing the company’s sales approach (direct sales, partner based, web-based, etc.) and its implementation. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®).

  • Kishi

    Thankyou, very well written. I might be using a part of it in my bio.

  • D. Harris

    Thank you for the creative bio examples. We are much more suited to picking stocks than writing personal biographies. Will use portions on our new website. Thanks again!

  • Cnguyen5731

    Thank you Thank you!!!

  • Alexa Moore

    Thanks Loic you help me a lot

  • Alexandra M.

    Wow, thanks so much! Planning to use some portions of your text as I’m new to this financial business (just started part time). Will definitely let you’ll know if it there are great feedbacks!

  • Workshirts


  • asd

    thank you!

  • EA

    Thank you.

  • gkf

    I appreciate your idea and thoughts on structuring a bio –
    Unfortunately, it is the type of bio that is written a million times and read
    by a million others – Yes, ‘customized’, ‘personalized’, ‘tailored plan’ are important
    in some context – But these terms and phrases have been around since the early
    80’s and there is nothing unique or compelling with it anymore – Albeit, the
    bio creation is tough, I prefer to speak from the heart and be completely
    honest – And in all honesty, most clients or potential clients are kind of the same
    – Yep, we are all kinda the same – It is the relationships that we build with
    these clients that is unique – It is how we as advisors/mentors/confidents/friends
    become interwoven with our clients.

    – Most of us as we grew up did not say we wanted to be
    financial advisors – No – Rather, it is for the most part something we evolved
    into or through in an job application for – I think most advisors, firms and
    clients have an image of what our industry is or perceived to be and it is
    mostly inaccurate – But for anyone that really wants to make it in this
    business and really make a contribution to their community and to their
    clients, needs to live by their own truths and sense of belonging – Being able
    to give or create is to live by our own truths – as advisors/traders, this is
    our greatest connection to our technology and comfort zone – This then allows
    us to properly contribute to our success in what we do for our clients and further
    forging relationships – And in the context of your bio, remember this – That
    is, if context shapes content, then express your context to achieve the content
    you want – Your bio must contextualize who you are truthfully – This is too
    scary for most people, but for those that do it, they will attract the right
    clients and grow a great business with strong relationships.

  • I think this is very helpful as a starting point to help other advisors write a bio. However, did you realize that paragraph six basically repeats what has already been stated? “A financial plan must reflect the stage of life its owner is in: whether purchasing a first home, financing a child’s college education or planning for retirement. A plan must reflect its owner’s personal or business situation, and highlight those financial products that best fit it. A custom-tailored financial plan must also be continually reviewed to measure its achievements against stated aims, and ensure the owner is comfortable everything is moving forward according to plan.”

    • Oh sorry…reading your post again, I realize that you provided two separate bio examples. Therefore, my comment about repetition does not apply.

  • Connoisseur


  • King


    • marketing

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading! Feel free to share.

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  • sn


  • Aiden Evans

    Excellent peoples come with excellent talent and I must say
    that the webmaster of this blog is really talent along with a great individual
    as well. I do appreciate the difficult work which had been done on this blog ,
    from my heart. I and my son both are making a Power Point presentation on this
    subject and pictures and content both are truly beneficial to create our
    presentation more effective. Congratulations for excellent work and maintain
    the same work up with my blessings.

    • Hi Aiden,

      Thanks so much for your comment! We try very hard to update our blog with valuable, educational tools and resources for the financial community. Give us a shout if we can help! Thanks,

      Maggie Crowley
      Marketing Coordinator

  • Pall


  • I like the bios… and as bios are important (the about us page is read 2nd after the home page), many people, like me, need to see bios of the owner (and their team members) that talk more to their training, credentials, etc. The bios I see here looks more like a bio for a company. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Maria, thanks for your comment!

      You are absolutely right – the bio page of an advisors sight is one of the most important! Prospects check out advisors online because they want to know more about who they’ll be working with and what they’re like. The bios in this article are templates that should be personalized.

      Check out these updated versions of a financial bio template that can easily be customized to include much of the info you referenced: http://advisorwebsites.com/blog/free-advisor-biographies/

      How else can we improve these, Maria? Thanks again for your input!

      Maggie Crowley
      Advisor Websites Marketing

  • chase

    First day on the job… This helps a boat-load!

    • Excellent – glad we could help!

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  • diwata

    thank you i like the bios very much

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  • tv

    thank you!

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