Financial Advisor Biographies

Free Financial Advisor Biographies

Working on financial advisor biographies is plenty challenging. These pieces of content are hard to write. Creating compelling biography copy truly is harder than it sounds, especially for web. It is tricky to write about ‘yourself.’ Most people we meet struggle with it.

So what to do?

Well, a while back, we posted an article on how to write an effective biography for your financial website. This article received tremendous feedback from our clients. Many of them happily applied the suggestions to their own financial website biography. In light of this response and the obvious need for more guidance in this area, we thought it would be helpful to share with you some free sample biographies for financial advisors.

So here they are: four biography templates we put together for sharing. These are free to use for all. They are tailored to be easily personalized with your name, designations, title, experience, etc… Again, these are totally free to use.

There are also some great insights at the bottom of this page in the comment section.

If you decide to use one of the free financial biographies, we would love to hear from you. You can share your website with us on twitter and our team will let you know what they think of your biography.

Conversely, we welcome a quick ‘thanks!’ in the comment section below to keep the discussion going with any of your own suggestions. We are sure there are some advisors out there who may be having a difficult time creating financial biography content for their website and will appreciate it.

Get the FREE biographies for financial advisors

Financial Advisor Biographies


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Written by Loic Jeanjean
Loic is the Head of Sales and Marketing at Advisor Websites where he is responsible for continuous refinement, testing, and execution of the company’s go to market strategy. This includes optimizing the company’s sales approach (direct sales, partner based, web-based, etc.) and its implementation. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®).